Located in Nerano, Casale Villarena is located in the more exclusive and more relaxing section of the Sorrento Coast that is rarely seen by visitors and guests. Although it is only a few kilometers from Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, Nerano is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of neighboring tourist spots. Nerano is a small fishing village that provides privacy, tranquility, and exclusivity that surrounding towns simply cannot offer.

The best memories of your Italian vacation will be the ones that just happen. When it comes to planning your Italian get away, it is best to have an amazing place to stay. Then, let spontaneity and freedom take over.
Casale Villarena is just that amazing place. With the owner personally welcoming each guest and the entire staff being at your complete disposal, Casale Villarena is a full-service, village resort that offers you an experience unparallel to any other hotel or Vacation Holiday in Italy.
With such amenities as pool with massage jets, children's play area with playground equipment, full service Restaurant, organic garden, relaxation areas, air conditioning, free continental breakfast, private parking, courtesy car pick up and breathtaking sea views throughout the property,

Casale Villarena is a combination of a private luxury hotel and your own home.

Casale Villarena is just that amazing place.  With the owner personally welcoming each guest and the entire staff being at your complete disposal,...
The stunning and beautiful scenery of Sorrento Coast: one of the world's most preferred locations for spending special moments such as weddings,...
Home activites Cooking Class private boat trip wine & food Mozzarella pary Pizza Party
Old Cellar Restaurant and Wine Bar
Restaurant "Dolce far niente" (The Joy of doing nothing) Set aside an evening for a unique, romantic dinner at Casale Villarena's restaurant...
Travelling inside Casale Villarena
Anniversaries, Birthdays and any special day
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